Rain, Kids, Hobbies


I think I used this picture in my previous blog, it’s one of my rainy, Pooh favourites.

We have just had the most gorgeous, hot and sunny bank holiday weekend but for the past two days it has not stopped raining. Of course it hasn’t, it’s half term!!

Youngest child who has hitherto been a bit of a home bird and preferred his friends to come to him, has chosen this day, this very wet day, to take off and explore town and park with his mates. The last call I had was saying they planned to see a film at 8pm and that they were in the park ‘having fun’. Oh Lordy WHAT does that mean? I’ve been longing for the day he takes off out a bit more, now it’s peeing down and he plans a 4 hour stint in the park before sitting, wet clothed in the cinema. Doing what I wonder? Still, anything has to be better than than the XBox… I think… Just perfect timing to get sick before his GCSE on Monday though. Yes he is 2 months short of 14 but they start GCSE’s earlier and earlier it seems.

Anyway he’s called in with his whereabouts so I didn’t nag because I don’t want him to not communicate with me as to what he’s up to. I know how boys can be, they go AWOL, like dogs. The hubs does does it, nips out for a pint of milk then appears 2 hours later, car cleaned, a box of vino and an axe in his arms etc.

Girls, on the other hand, are different. They text me frequently. Eldest daughter is at university now but I get daily updates via text, phone call, facebook or sometimes we just send each other silly snapchats. Snapchats, if you’re not familiar are photos sent via the snapchat app. They last only a few seconds and can be animated. I just sent one of the dog, sketched onto him by me were red welly boots and yellow rain hat. Silly fun for silly people.

Ahem, on a more serious note, The Book Club has proved a success. We are on our second book which I’ve just finished. It is called Cutting the Stone by Abraham Verghese and it’s a wonderful, mind boggling yarn which, if you can stomach a bit of blood and guts (it’s main characters are surgeons at a Missionary Hospital in Ethiopia), I would highly recommend reading.

Mondays are now assigned to a Creative Writing Course which is wonderful. I have homework which is not so wonderful, and although I do not expect to become a published author in any way, I’ve discovered I can write little stories far more readily than I realised. It’s great to hear what other people write about, really inspiring actually, and fascinating to see so many of us love to dabble at it.

Until next time… keep well and blog on!

Not a proud day.


So news today in the UK is that certain Head Teachers are calling for young children to have lessons in school on the risks of online pornography.
If I hear one more thing that places the responsibility of parenting squarely on the shoulders of the CHILD, I will move to a country where the culture promotes the PROTECTION of young children from things that may potentially harm them BY THE ADULTS.

I’m sorry to shout but honestly where did common sense go? We in this country just a few months ago voted NOT to have a law whereby an ‘opt in’ service for pornography was offered by all internet providers. A huge, huge mistake if you ask me.

So now we have come to this. Teachers are so concerned about the behaviours that young children are exhibiting that some worry that we need to teach them even younger about sex and pornography in order to ….what? To protect them? I don’t think so. To lay the responsibility at their door that they are educated about it and therefore will make wise decisions and choices? Yes, and how on earth are they supposed to do that when in Primary school, the age of curiosity and exploration.

What about the children who know nothing of these things because they do have responsible parents? They get enlightened along with their peers? It’s too crazy for words. I worry how my kids will cope when they are bringing up their own children. Our culture is not something I am proud of in many ways.

Day 4 Slightly More Sane

Thank goodness for wonderful blog sites. Which mine is not, I do realise. I manage to find a site written by a woman who had followed the same detox as me and she diarised her experience including delicious recipes, photographs of meals and smoothies and an inspiring day to day account of all the activities she accomplished whilst adhering to said diet.


Just kidding. I was I inspired. Not to start posting pictures of my food though….


…but to stop whining and get on with this week with a bit more grit and for goodness sake eat a bit more! You see I was sticking to the exact meal plan that the powdered supplement company prescribed and my bloggy chum was using far more imagination and whilst removing the food groups each day that are required for detoxing purposes, she used herbs and spices and ate the things allowed a lot more than I’ve been doing.

So Day 4, headaches have ceased, energy levels improved. Skin and eyes clearer and tummy flatter, I know I sound like I’m entering myself for a dog show, and mood improved.

Grains are cut out today and the next 3 days are very limited. I can do this, only 6 days to go…

… aaaaaarrrrggh!!!!

Detox Day Two

I am amazed at the side effects I’ve experience due to caffeine withdrawal. I texted my nutritionist and she actually advised taking a small black coffee to ease the symptoms. I didn’t sleep well, awoke fuzzy and with a headache, generally feeling blahh.

So who knew?! I’m a druggy!

Today’s sees a farewell to dairy, temporarily of course, and the addition of a super powder which supports the liver detox process and ensures a thorough vitamin and mineral intake.

The more I read about how these periodic detoxes help the liver (and read I must to keep focused) the more determined I am to keep going.

I am having to really pace myself as my energy levels are lower than normal but this is apparently a natural reaction to the removal of artificial stimulants and eventually my body will recalibrate!

Now I need a wee nap….


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Detox Day One


So my lovely nutritionist, Andrea, who has been helping me on an anti arthritis, anti autoimmune illness campaign has decided the time has come, being Spring and all, that I embark upon a 10 day detox. She tells me she’s doing it too.

I agreed to this a while ago but had it comfortably scheduled into the diary at some future date that could easily be forgotten. Well time, as it has a habit of doing, has passed and it’s D day.

I have a menu plan and a special powder to help cleanse my liver. Today I’ve been allowed:

A smoothie, cashew nuts, big salad with feta cheese, a boiled egg snack and soup with a jacket potato. Not so bad, I was eating pretty healthily so you wouldn’t expect THIS ENORMOUS HEADACHE THAT’S MAKING ME VERY IRRITABLE!!!

Ahem, sorry… It’s the lack of caffeine you see. I’m a 3 cups of tea and 1 cup of coffee girl normally but this weekend we had visitors and I drank buckets of the stuff.

5 o’clock this afternoon I felt so tired I fell asleep in the kitchen chair with the radio blaring. Unheard of, and all down to caffeine withdrawal. Pathetic really, it’s only day 1. The info tells me I should feel a bit rough around days 5 and 6 when food intake is minimal. Well I shall look forward to that… Apart from the fatigue and the headache I feel really fuzzy.

Andrea (blessed Andrea) is nearing the end if her detox and reports she feels great!! Well good for her.

You may well ask why I’m putting myself through this but there is tons if evidence to show a good detox is very beneficial for the liver and I’ve had such great advice and results with Andrea, I’m putting my faith in her.

Meanwhile, stand back. Heavy objects might fly.

Love is all you need


Ooh I don’t have Love for my laptop right now, it has decided to go so slow, I shut the lid down in disgust! My little iPhone however, has come to my rescue and with voice recognition I don’t even have to type this post … even though I know I look like a lunatic to the dog, who is regarding me with a look as if to say ‘Now she, has finally lost her last marble.’

The reason for the title of my post are numerous. I had an epiphany recently about the benefits in demonstrating as much love as you possibly can to all those around you. This can be tough sometimes, it mean turning your cheek when those you love are being a complete pain, seeking advice and taking the time to discover how to help others, giving up something you want to spend money on others… Oh I don’t know there’s loads of stuff isn’t there? We all do this all the time. Well some more than others, let’s be honest….

My own little epiphany is the discovery that the benefits are tenfold. God bless the fact that my mother was a generous soul and still is, in fact. That she will always spend the time to put extra plates on the table and welcome people to our home That Mr reasons is the kind of man who will always embrace a gathering of friends and family and will dig deep in his pockets to make the occasion an enjoyable one.

As we get older, our family and community and happiness grow and deepen. Around me I see certain people who don’t want to make the effort, who would rather keep everything for themselves and who don’t seem to need or want the love or or goodwill of others. They may hold onto a grudge, or not see the point in making the effort. Well they end up lonely, unconfident and miserable on the hole with just twitter and TV to keep them company, telling themselves that that’s enough. Well that’s not living is it?

So what’s my point? I know we all have crap days and just not want to make the effort. We all can get be mad to boiling at how people behave towards us … the snotty sister-in-law, the awkward neighbour, the never ending demands from the kids… there’s always plenty to wind is up! And let’s face it there are certain people we are better off with not in our lives.

But my policy these days, 123 Reasons style are…

1. Always always try to give the benefit of the doubt, when someone is being difficult. We really might not understand what’s going on in their lives and one day soon they might badly need you … or vice versa. Everything we see is only our own perspective. When we have reached a conclusion that someone is not for us, fair enough but all I would say, only judge them by what you know is in their heart. I am guilty of being too judgemental in the past, so I speak from experience here.

2. We deserve the joy and pleasure that being together with friends and family can bring us. We should protect and celebrate these times. And play music! Putting up with people when they are being difficult (and vice versa… NOBODY is perfect) are all worthwhile if we can stay in touch for times like these.

3. To me this human instinct to love and everything it gives in return is God. Not a man on a cloud with a beard. It may be something small, like driving your child to a swim class, or offering your new neighbour a cup of tea. It can be something big like climbing a mountain for charity, but it all counts. The love of our skills and the rewards they bring….each little act of love, is stored up in the atmosphere and acts like a golden oil to keep the cosmic wheels of life turning, never to be forgotten after you’re gone.

Without enough love in the world the cogs will rust and human life (the pessimist in me says) will cease to thrive. We didn’t get too busy to give love as modern media keeps telling us, we just got lazy.

Hmmm… no wonder the artists and songwriters keep banging on at us.
That John Lennon bloke was really onto something… All You Need is Love! ( and if you’re an American, good health insurance).

Why thank you, my philosophical purge is over, you did very well to get this far. Please help yourself to a nice cup of tea on the way out, biscuits are home-made by the way.