Wow that was complicated!!

What in the mother of goodness gracious happened to Blogspot?!! Circles and google+ and confusion and frustration and no blogging because I got so wrapped up and bogged down in all these changes I seemed to accomplish zip. So rant over, as you were. I was trying to say, I WAS Joanne of Reasons to be Cheeful 123 of yesteryear, got a little submerged in health matters and life in general, all of which I will elaborate upon later. In the meantime all is well. I am here. You are there, I hope, I shall come a visiting and catch up on some long lost blogging friends, and I hope you’ll drop by for something fresh from time to time. A cup of Earl Grey perhaps, or a little fresh mint tea?



4 thoughts on “Wow that was complicated!!

  1. ladyfi

    Hi and welcome to WordPress, which I love. I find it very easy to use. Choose your template – which you have. To upload a photo, choose the media icon. Another window opens. Then just drag your photo into that window. (Remember not to put up a full size shot but 1200 X 900 or thereabouts is good.)

    I’m fine. Thanks for your kind words about my photography. I got a DSLR three years ago and discovered a new passion – photography!

  2. robbear13

    OK. I found you on WordPress, and got you into my bloggers block. Now I’ll know when you post something. Even that bit of work had its complications. But Bear is cool about everything. I’ll jut sit back and have some Jasmine Green from Twinings, and see what happens.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest

    P.S.: That Urban Forest thing is by Poetry blog. I’ll get working on that after the A-Z Challenge is less challenging.


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