As if I wasn’t already in a very good mood…

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I have been in fearfully good spirits lately. Silly to be fearful I suppose but if anyone knows anything about me from my previous blog, they’ll might forgive me from being a bit daft about a feeling that maybe optimism will be jinxed. So anyway, cheerful I am and there is something about middle age that just seems to be agreeing with me. Maybe I was born middle age and so this is my time.

In the post came this card from a friend, and more importantly from a friend who does not do these kinds of things lightly. She is the kind of person who should be receiving a card like this to be honest and I say that, not because she’s been kind to me but because she is just a GOOD SOUL.

She is the kind of person who always looks out for others and will truly put herself out to help. She is of very large brain and has a sort of serious side to her which, when I used to be with her, I was perhaps a little too aware of and I used to tone down my more exhuberant nature perhaps, if I’m honest in fear of being judged a bit superficial. Then recently we had a girls weekend away together in Liverpool. It wasn’t a heady, drunken weekend but a gentle, ambling, chatting and shopping and more chatting kind of time, ending up way too early to be respectful in our single beds, side by side, watching Comic Relief and drinking a bottle of champagne. As you do.

Something made me lighten up and be myself with her more than ever over the course of our two days exploring the city. I decided she wouldn’t judge me for being, well, a bit bonkers, maybe we are Yin and Yang. Perhaps, seeing the card she just sent, it was a good decision.

Here’s to friendship and celebrating our time with friends with a cheeky something special.

Hmmmmm…does anyone with wordpress know how to centre that pic? Yes I KNOW I’m hopeless!!



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