Life Goals versus Time



They say that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. Yet what if life is happening so much that you never get a chance to make other plans? Personally I’ve never been a good goal setter. I’ve always ambled through life, yes taking calculated risks and yes stretching and developing I supposed but frankly a bit of a fail when it comes to long term goals and resolutions.

Now this could be a mini mid life crisis. I know when people get to their late 40’s they begin to evaluate their lives more, to want more control in order to make the most that journey down the other side of the hill. Well that is given half the chance, as sometimes between dealing with extended family ‘issue’s’, supporting my husband’s business and my elderly parents, caring for developing teens, evaluation is often more a snatched thought cruising down the aisle of the supermarket or whilst scrubbing the mold off the shower cubicle.

I actually don’t mind domesticity, in fact I think that is my problem. I’m quite happy ambling along. I feel needed and fulfilled but yes a little under-stimulated and aware I have the potential to do more and contribute in a bigger way to society.  So yes I have a list. It goes as follows:

1. Health first – find a functional nutritionst and cure my auto-immune disorders – found one and have halved medication. Ongoing ‘project’. Tick!

2. Get back into teaching english as a foreign language. Business cards made – tick. Distributed –    well a bit.

3. Cram in a couple of hours per week helping out at the local hospice. Not done.

4. Join a local woman’s social group – tick.

5. Help with online questions from people suffering from arthritis. Not done.

6. Re-fire my blog – tick!

7. Start a Book Club – tick. More of that in another post…

8. Define long-term goals – nowhere near done.

9. Take a coaching course and develop a business geared towards helping people with disabilities to make the most of their lives (what am I talking about I can’t organise my own life!)

But these are little, short-term goals and I am even struggling to accomplish them. Though I have to say I am quite pleased with some of the achievements and think that no. 1 and the result of some mega healthy nutrition has given me the energy to get more things done that I used to. My concern is still that I allow little tasks to stand in the way, that I lack focus. If I can’t totally knuckle down to the current projects on my list how can I come up with those long-term goals we’re all advised to have?  You see part of me feels that it is enough just to be me, a great deal of my time is in the capacity of caring for others and I enjoy that am aware it’s important to play this role. I’m my mother’s daughter, that’s for sure. The other part of me thinks it’s got to be balanced against getting the most out of life. I should focus more, plan and achieve more, and not let the day-to-day bog me down in this quest!

Then again, go me! I wrote a post and let the mess in the kitchen wait a while. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to the library to promote my teaching enterprise and see if the dog’s done the ironing by the time I get back…

How are you getting on with your wishes and dreams?


5 thoughts on “Life Goals versus Time

  1. rosaria williams

    You’re on a roll! Check with your local high school/continuing education school or junior college for opportunities to teach ESL. Best of luck. Rosaria

  2. Hilary

    Your goals each seem to be quite time consuming and it seems to me would take a fair bit to organize them all. The fact that you’ve accomplished a fair number of them is very impressive to me. I think you’re doing well and I’m glad to see you back in the blogging world.

  3. robbear13

    Wow! Have you ever been the busy woman, Joanne! You’ve set some very ambitious goals for yourself, and you’re making progress! I hope you keep moving ahead that way, especially on your health.

    I noted your comment about “evaluation is often more a snatched thought cruising down the aisle of the supermarket.” I understand that; I get some of my best ideas when I’m doing dishes.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (my poetry blog)


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