Presenting…..Miss. Reasons 123


Caity has been singing a while. These are all others’ songs but she has a secret stash of her own lyrics that I hope we will hear oneday. She is a beautiful soul. I had real trouble finding a serious photo of her. She doesn’t take herself seriously at all and is a bit of a clown really but I think has real deep soul.

She has just joined a band with her boyfriend, his brother and friends. They’re all budding musicians and are getting a lot of interest…

Anyway…if you should get the chance to hear any of these links, I hope you enjoy. She makes me smile.


7 thoughts on “Presenting…..Miss. Reasons 123

    1. reasonscheerful123 Post author

      Thanks! She’s actually much improved recently and we are all off to see her a d the band perform tomorrow night. The music scene in Birmingham are really latching on to them so a few articles are flying around about them which is a nice little achievement for young ‘uns! Xx


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