Detox Day Two

I am amazed at the side effects I’ve experience due to caffeine withdrawal. I texted my nutritionist and she actually advised taking a small black coffee to ease the symptoms. I didn’t sleep well, awoke fuzzy and with a headache, generally feeling blahh.

So who knew?! I’m a druggy!

Today’s sees a farewell to dairy, temporarily of course, and the addition of a super powder which supports the liver detox process and ensures a thorough vitamin and mineral intake.

The more I read about how these periodic detoxes help the liver (and read I must to keep focused) the more determined I am to keep going.

I am having to really pace myself as my energy levels are lower than normal but this is apparently a natural reaction to the removal of artificial stimulants and eventually my body will recalibrate!

Now I need a wee nap….


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2 thoughts on “Detox Day Two

  1. ladyfi

    I lived in China for three years without coffee – so I know it’s possible. But it’s not pleasant at the beginning.

    Good luck!


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