Day 4 Slightly More Sane

Thank goodness for wonderful blog sites. Which mine is not, I do realise. I manage to find a site written by a woman who had followed the same detox as me and she diarised her experience including delicious recipes, photographs of meals and smoothies and an inspiring day to day account of all the activities she accomplished whilst adhering to said diet.


Just kidding. I was I inspired. Not to start posting pictures of my food though….


…but to stop whining and get on with this week with a bit more grit and for goodness sake eat a bit more! You see I was sticking to the exact meal plan that the powdered supplement company prescribed and my bloggy chum was using far more imagination and whilst removing the food groups each day that are required for detoxing purposes, she used herbs and spices and ate the things allowed a lot more than I’ve been doing.

So Day 4, headaches have ceased, energy levels improved. Skin and eyes clearer and tummy flatter, I know I sound like I’m entering myself for a dog show, and mood improved.

Grains are cut out today and the next 3 days are very limited. I can do this, only 6 days to go…

… aaaaaarrrrggh!!!!


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