Not a proud day.


So news today in the UK is that certain Head Teachers are calling for young children to have lessons in school on the risks of online pornography.
If I hear one more thing that places the responsibility of parenting squarely on the shoulders of the CHILD, I will move to a country where the culture promotes the PROTECTION of young children from things that may potentially harm them BY THE ADULTS.

I’m sorry to shout but honestly where did common sense go? We in this country just a few months ago voted NOT to have a law whereby an ‘opt in’ service for pornography was offered by all internet providers. A huge, huge mistake if you ask me.

So now we have come to this. Teachers are so concerned about the behaviours that young children are exhibiting that some worry that we need to teach them even younger about sex and pornography in order to ….what? To protect them? I don’t think so. To lay the responsibility at their door that they are educated about it and therefore will make wise decisions and choices? Yes, and how on earth are they supposed to do that when in Primary school, the age of curiosity and exploration.

What about the children who know nothing of these things because they do have responsible parents? They get enlightened along with their peers? It’s too crazy for words. I worry how my kids will cope when they are bringing up their own children. Our culture is not something I am proud of in many ways.


4 thoughts on “Not a proud day.

  1. ladyfi

    This is definitely something kids need to be aware of – but when they are around 16 or so. Not at primary school for crikes’ sake! And as you say, it’s up to the parents!

  2. thesmittenimage

    Yes, it’s up to the parents but not all parents are reliable to raise their kids as we hope we are raising (have raised) our own. I do believe that “it takes a village.” I would have to hear more about how they would intend to present their teachings before worrying about it overly much. I would presume (but would want to know for sure) that it would be more along the lines of teaching kids they way they do about good touches and bad touches and instructing them what to do should they inadvertently happen upon a website that makes them equally uncomfortable. It need not be an explicit explanation for kids to understand and react appropriately.


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