Rain, Kids, Hobbies


I think I used this picture in my previous blog, it’s one of my rainy, Pooh favourites.

We have just had the most gorgeous, hot and sunny bank holiday weekend but for the past two days it has not stopped raining. Of course it hasn’t, it’s half term!!

Youngest child who has hitherto been a bit of a home bird and preferred his friends to come to him, has chosen this day, this very wet day, to take off and explore town and park with his mates. The last call I had was saying they planned to see a film at 8pm and that they were in the park ‘having fun’. Oh Lordy WHAT does that mean? I’ve been longing for the day he takes off out a bit more, now it’s peeing down and he plans a 4 hour stint in the park before sitting, wet clothed in the cinema. Doing what I wonder? Still, anything has to be better than than the XBox… I think… Just perfect timing to get sick before his GCSE on Monday though. Yes he is 2 months short of 14 but they start GCSE’s earlier and earlier it seems.

Anyway he’s called in with his whereabouts so I didn’t nag because I don’t want him to not communicate with me as to what he’s up to. I know how boys can be, they go AWOL, like dogs. The hubs does does it, nips out for a pint of milk then appears 2 hours later, car cleaned, a box of vino and an axe in his arms etc.

Girls, on the other hand, are different. They text me frequently. Eldest daughter is at university now but I get daily updates via text, phone call, facebook or sometimes we just send each other silly snapchats. Snapchats, if you’re not familiar are photos sent via the snapchat app. They last only a few seconds and can be animated. I just sent one of the dog, sketched onto him by me were red welly boots and yellow rain hat. Silly fun for silly people.

Ahem, on a more serious note, The Book Club has proved a success. We are on our second book which I’ve just finished. It is called Cutting the Stone by Abraham Verghese and it’s a wonderful, mind boggling yarn which, if you can stomach a bit of blood and guts (it’s main characters are surgeons at a Missionary Hospital in Ethiopia), I would highly recommend reading.

Mondays are now assigned to a Creative Writing Course which is wonderful. I have homework which is not so wonderful, and although I do not expect to become a published author in any way, I’ve discovered I can write little stories far more readily than I realised. It’s great to hear what other people write about, really inspiring actually, and fascinating to see so many of us love to dabble at it.

Until next time… keep well and blog on!


8 thoughts on “Rain, Kids, Hobbies

  1. Joanna Jenkins

    Keeping in touch with the kids is why I like social media. I have 12 nieces and nephews and it’s jsut about the only way they communicate anymore. I’m glad I figured it out!

  2. robbear13

    Considering how well you blog, I think your could almost teach a creative writing course. Sounds like things are going well on all fronts. And your dog — Charlie — yes? Sadie had a “thing” for him, I think. Especially that picture of him flaked out on the patio table (as I recall it). Sadly, she is re-homed on a farm.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting, Life in the Urban Forest (poetry).

    1. reasonscheerful123 Post author

      Charlie is getting a little grey…he’s 10 this Summer. He can still beat most of the other dogs in he park when chasing his ball though and has become a real dog of home comforts (and human food, naughty boy). I bet you miss Sadie? Can you get updates on how she’s doing? Must be dog heaven on a farm!

      1. robbear13

        Country life is agreeing with Her Sadieship! So much so that she doesn’t want to come into town. She came in one Sunday after worship, and we meet briefly. I’m not sure if she remembers me, but it is good to see here. Sadie has become a huge, well-muscled dog. She tears around the country with her brother, who is a huge Malamute — he can put his front paws on my shoulders and look me straight in the eyes, and I am not a small person.

        Other than that, I feel the fog of depression has begun to clear, and I am starting to feel much better. So that is good news! I am doing a bit more work for our congregation, so that keeps me out of mischief, mostly! (Ho ho, he he, ha ha!)

        P.S.: Does your old e-mail still work?

        Blessings and Bear hugs!
        Bears Noting,
        Life in the Urban Forest (poetry).

  3. Maggie May

    Hoping you are sharing our hot weather by now.
    It is wonderful that you are going to a creative writing group. Wish there was one near me!
    Its always good to belong to a book club too.
    Hoping the children had a good half term in the end……. rain or sun!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. Rob-bear

    Just noting that it’s been about six months since we last heard from you. I hope you are all well, and planing for a grand Christmas. I’d wrote more, but lost your e-mail.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  5. robbear13

    It’s been almost a year since I last heard from you, now that you have taken your blog private. I do hope all of you are well!

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Joanne!


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