Detox Day One


So my lovely nutritionist, Andrea, who has been helping me on an anti arthritis, anti autoimmune illness campaign has decided the time has come, being Spring and all, that I embark upon a 10 day detox. She tells me she’s doing it too.

I agreed to this a while ago but had it comfortably scheduled into the diary at some future date that could easily be forgotten. Well time, as it has a habit of doing, has passed and it’s D day.

I have a menu plan and a special powder to help cleanse my liver. Today I’ve been allowed:

A smoothie, cashew nuts, big salad with feta cheese, a boiled egg snack and soup with a jacket potato. Not so bad, I was eating pretty healthily so you wouldn’t expect THIS ENORMOUS HEADACHE THAT’S MAKING ME VERY IRRITABLE!!!

Ahem, sorry… It’s the lack of caffeine you see. I’m a 3 cups of tea and 1 cup of coffee girl normally but this weekend we had visitors and I drank buckets of the stuff.

5 o’clock this afternoon I felt so tired I fell asleep in the kitchen chair with the radio blaring. Unheard of, and all down to caffeine withdrawal. Pathetic really, it’s only day 1. The info tells me I should feel a bit rough around days 5 and 6 when food intake is minimal. Well I shall look forward to that… Apart from the fatigue and the headache I feel really fuzzy.

Andrea (blessed Andrea) is nearing the end if her detox and reports she feels great!! Well good for her.

You may well ask why I’m putting myself through this but there is tons if evidence to show a good detox is very beneficial for the liver and I’ve had such great advice and results with Andrea, I’m putting my faith in her.

Meanwhile, stand back. Heavy objects might fly.


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