Love is all you need


Ooh I don’t have Love for my laptop right now, it has decided to go so slow, I shut the lid down in disgust! My little iPhone however, has come to my rescue and with voice recognition I don’t even have to type this post … even though I know I look like a lunatic to the dog, who is regarding me with a look as if to say ‘Now she, has finally lost her last marble.’

The reason for the title of my post are numerous. I had an epiphany recently about the benefits in demonstrating as much love as you possibly can to all those around you. This can be tough sometimes, it mean turning your cheek when those you love are being a complete pain, seeking advice and taking the time to discover how to help others, giving up something you want to spend money on others… Oh I don’t know there’s loads of stuff isn’t there? We all do this all the time. Well some more than others, let’s be honest….

My own little epiphany is the discovery that the benefits are tenfold. God bless the fact that my mother was a generous soul and still is, in fact. That she will always spend the time to put extra plates on the table and welcome people to our home That Mr reasons is the kind of man who will always embrace a gathering of friends and family and will dig deep in his pockets to make the occasion an enjoyable one.

As we get older, our family and community and happiness grow and deepen. Around me I see certain people who don’t want to make the effort, who would rather keep everything for themselves and who don’t seem to need or want the love or or goodwill of others. They may hold onto a grudge, or not see the point in making the effort. Well they end up lonely, unconfident and miserable on the hole with just twitter and TV to keep them company, telling themselves that that’s enough. Well that’s not living is it?

So what’s my point? I know we all have crap days and just not want to make the effort. We all can get be mad to boiling at how people behave towards us … the snotty sister-in-law, the awkward neighbour, the never ending demands from the kids… there’s always plenty to wind is up! And let’s face it there are certain people we are better off with not in our lives.

But my policy these days, 123 Reasons style are…

1. Always always try to give the benefit of the doubt, when someone is being difficult. We really might not understand what’s going on in their lives and one day soon they might badly need you … or vice versa. Everything we see is only our own perspective. When we have reached a conclusion that someone is not for us, fair enough but all I would say, only judge them by what you know is in their heart. I am guilty of being too judgemental in the past, so I speak from experience here.

2. We deserve the joy and pleasure that being together with friends and family can bring us. We should protect and celebrate these times. And play music! Putting up with people when they are being difficult (and vice versa… NOBODY is perfect) are all worthwhile if we can stay in touch for times like these.

3. To me this human instinct to love and everything it gives in return is God. Not a man on a cloud with a beard. It may be something small, like driving your child to a swim class, or offering your new neighbour a cup of tea. It can be something big like climbing a mountain for charity, but it all counts. The love of our skills and the rewards they bring….each little act of love, is stored up in the atmosphere and acts like a golden oil to keep the cosmic wheels of life turning, never to be forgotten after you’re gone.

Without enough love in the world the cogs will rust and human life (the pessimist in me says) will cease to thrive. We didn’t get too busy to give love as modern media keeps telling us, we just got lazy.

Hmmm… no wonder the artists and songwriters keep banging on at us.
That John Lennon bloke was really onto something… All You Need is Love! ( and if you’re an American, good health insurance).

Why thank you, my philosophical purge is over, you did very well to get this far. Please help yourself to a nice cup of tea on the way out, biscuits are home-made by the way.


5 thoughts on “Love is all you need

  1. Maggie May

    Oh…… you really seem to have hit the secret to a happy existence.
    They say love conquers everything and it is very true.
    Not so easy to always turn the other cheek but we must try to persevere with it because by not doing that, we have a bitter weed growing in our hearts (Scriptural) and that can taint everything else.
    You are a very wise blogger & we can all learn something from you.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  2. Kristen

    I love this post! 🙂 Everything feels better when you feel love for others. It makes “hard times” not so hard. Things don’t seem to matter anymore, because only people do. You really don’t need anything but love.

  3. Rob-bear

    Those are just such beautiful thoughts, Joanne! Thanks for sharing them! Great epiphany, indeed.

    All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need ~ George and the other Beatles from Liverpool

    Blessings and Bear hugs, and happy Mothers Day!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  4. ladyfi

    Oh, what a wonderful wonderful post. You’re right of course – we are sometimes far too complacent, but life really is better if we can show LOVE!


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